Handles Made Of LEGO Bricks, Of Course

We weren't joking when we said we cand make anything out of LEGO bricks.

One of the products we are very proud of are the round knobs, which will be able to cheer any old furniture.

handles knobs lego

The idea came to us by painting a few handles to cheer up a wooden chest bought from Ikea. Being for the kids ' room, we thought we'd make it a little more colorful, so after we colored it, next were the handles. But soon after, we got an even cooler idea, which is to make some tough, colourful LEGO handles.

That's how the collection of button handles was born and of which we are very proud of. And we would put it all over the place! Oh, wait, we actually just put them all over our house.

  lego round knobs  manere rotunde colorate

If you like the idea, enter here to see what models we created: LEGO® Round Knobs