About Cufflinks

Although it is difficult for us to imagine, it was a time when there were no buttons. So, there had to be solution for the busty cuffs that were very bouffant about 500 years ago. Tassels are out of the question, because as pretty as they are, they are hard to tie and to stay alltogether. In these circumstances someone, we do not know exactly who, came up with the idea of ​​buttons! Idea that we enjoy and take advantage of, five centuries later.

butoni lego albastrii  butoni lego colorati

From the beginning, these accessories were especially designed for aristocracy, marking important events in someone's life. That's why buttons were not bought personally, but they were received as a gift. We also think that these jewels are the ideal gift for men in your life. And to make your work even easier, we've come up with a new gift box for them.

butoni lego cutie    butoni lego rosu alb albastru   

butoni lego albastru alb gri  butoni lego nonconformisti   butoni lego cutie cadou

Happy shopping and memorable gifts!